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graphic spot began in 1998 primarily as an events graphics provider, designing graphics for trade show stands and sets. Our main area of expertise has always been in digital and projected graphics (presentations). Technology in this area is constantly changing which can only enhance great design as resolution and colour quality improve.

In a competitive world, it sometimes requires a unique perspective to be noticed - we can help you with this.

Longevity, transparency and functionality are amongst our key approaches allowing us to be cost effective and competitive while establishing long effective working relationships with our clients.


Design longevity may continue to be effective beyond market trending if all considerations are made from the outset of design output.

Transparency in a designer-client working relationship is paramount for the creative process to unfold.

Design functionality is a primary focus on what works and when it works and why - considering all aspects of design and presenting. Attraction and retention are fundamental in getting your core brand message across.

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Michelle Redgrave-Moore

Graphic Designer & Artist

Michelle has been in the design oriented sector for the past 20 years having travelled extensively with clients facilitating in the promoting of their brand prodcuts and services.

She currently focuses on all aspects of brand identity from the Corporate identity (logo), brand presentations and template creation, ensuring cliets are able to maintain a good level of design in their communications.

She also works as a Therapeutic Arts Counsellor, which is an artistic form of psychotherapy, working with the elderly and adults with special needs. to promote a physical, mental and emotional well-being.

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